The Inner School of Mysticism is the beginning of the soul’s journey in mastering life.


Humans have an innate desire to seek Truth, something that is bigger than oneself—who created me, where did I come from, and why am I here?


Whether you’re religious or not, one’s curiosity of the inner world is a universal human desire.  Everyone has been touched by the beauty of nature, by a kind act from a stranger, or by the pervading peace of forgiveness.

We welcome all into the Inner School of Mysticism.  The only condition to enroll is if your soul is ready to embark on the spiritual path.  Are you ready to discover your life’s purpose and duty?

The soul starts as a Student of life, then graduates to the Teacher to ultimately become the Master of life.  To accomplish this, our curriculum is designed as follows:


Study Circle

Our 200 hour program studying yogic philosophy, science of breath/breathing techniques, and meditative arts. 3 week immersive, 3 & 6 month programs available.

Advanced Circle

1-year program learning the Principles of Life, duty to first God, then oneself, family, and ultimately to the world

Inner Circle

5-year program where the student is assigned as a pupil to a Master Teacher, learns the mystic arts

Higher Circle

10-year program when the pupil becomes a teacher and hones his practice and duties to the Universal Ideal, and strives to ultimately become the Master of Life

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